Last night, in thinking about today and what I would write, I didn’t think it would be hard for me to get words down. You know when you have something big to share, but you’ve been working on it for so long that it doesn’t even resonate as a deal with you at all anymore? Its exciting, yes…but its almost anti-climactic because of all the work you’ve put into it..the hours…the dreams poured out over months and even years. It’s common place now, its nothing new. I thought I’d sit down this morning to write and the words would come and no, I wouldn’t get emotional and no, I wouldn’t have butterflies or anything silly like that. That would be lame Rebekah.


I clicked on the “Graham + Emy” link on my menu this morning, with Graham sitting next to me in the office, and let out a yell and covered my face. TOTALLY nervous, and excited, and silly me…even emotional. Is this happening? Are we doing this? Are we leaping AGAIN…Lord, I feel like we have just been leaping our whole business life.

And that part, that last line, its true.

Ben and I, we started this grassroots you guys. Some of you know our story, some of you don’t….but this thing, Kallima…its never been glamorous and it sure as heck didn’t start out being easy.

A few highlights? I shot my first paid session on a Sony Cybershot; with a TRIPOD. My first wedding? I had one camera, one cf card, one lens, one cruddy flash, and the best part…ONE BATTERY. Because ya know, why would I ever think I’d need more than one? I literally had to ask my brides mom if it was ok that I didn’t cover the cocktail hour because lets be honest…I needed to charge my battery. We’ve booked weddings we never should have, paid for advertising that all but bankrupted us and never did us any good, made poor business decisions and learned really really hard lessons in this journey of owning our own business.

We never had “big breaks”, or had things handed to us. Never took out small business loans, but paid cash for everything. The build was slow…every year a little more…and now, 7 years in, we are announcing that we are adding two associate photographers.

Two associate photographers. Emy. Graham. People we love, who are family, who we do life with. Who we trust, adore, laugh with, have a beer with, share dinner with….and now, who will help us carry Kallima Photography a little bit further. They’ll help us be able to serve and love on MORE brides and grooms. That is what we love to do…serve people. Love people.

Its hard to trust, isn’t it? There’s a lot of trusting going on around here lately. Will this be as awesome as we hope? We’ve been dreaming about it for years. Building is scary.

BUT….yes, there is a but.:)I have total faith that this is what God is calling us to as we build Kallima. We want to have the opportunity to serve and love more couples, and we trust Graham and Emy wholeheartedly to serve and love on them for us….as we continue to do the same. When Ben and I shoot, we try to tell stories….use beautiful natural light, get diversity in portraits as well as classic imagery, we look for color and reflection and are always thinking about composition and what we see in an image. We are constantly looking for moments and emotion, so we can capture people loving on each other. We strive to ALWAYS do our very best and hopefully, what we end up with is gorgeous imagery of our clients. We know and have completely confidence that Graham and Emy will embody all of the above. We’ve seen them work and have been able to glance at each other with the same thought…”That’s good. Thats really good. This is going to be good.”

So, welcome Kallima Photography’s associates, Graham and Emy. Read a little about them below, see some of their work from a recent wedding. Check out their page by clicking on “Graham + Emy” on the menu above, and you can find links to their portfolios that will be growing constantly over the next few months. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram. They’re now a part of Kallima, which is so exciting. So humbling. So surreal.

graham instagram: grahamt_white // graham twitter: @grahamt_white

emy instagram: emy_ems // emy twitter: @yoitsemy

If you’re interested in our associate photographers, please email Weddings start at $3,000.



Emy Lou, as I call her, is a rare soul. Its easy to navigate through life finding people who are surface and not interested in really knowing you, let alone accepting you. Emy has always been someone who is just REAL. She’s easy, like a summer day. Like fresh-squeezed lemonade. Easy to talk to, easy to love, easy to teach, easy to laugh with…because you know you can always just “do you” with Emy. (let’s see how many more song references I can make in this paragraph..shout out to Cali Swag District). She, like me…tends to be a little quiet and reflective when she’s behind the camera. Thats ok though, it means she’s seeing things…searching for things. I know this because we are a lot alike. When she interned with me oh a million years ago, I remember being amazing at how quick she was and how eager she was just to help. Then I got to see her get married…and shoot her wedding…which was really emotional for me and chock full of special moments. (when it started to SOUTH FLORIDA POUR down rain, and her bridal party surrounded her on the open-to-the-sky dance floor so she and Dustin could have their first dance showered with support? everyone out there getting soaked to the bone and not caring one bit? it speaks to the person she is, and Dustin is, and also made Ben and I an emotional wreck.) Emy Lou is fun and quirky and real, and you’re going to love her just as much as we do.


We did a little photoshoot of Emy and Graham yesterday: Scroll down to learn more about them individually.



Some of Emy’s work:


When Rebekah and I had been dating for about 6 months, I came to florida to visit her family, Graham was 14.  In the 12 years that I’ve known Graham since then , I’ve learned a few things about him.  First, Graham has a love for people that is contagious.  Rebekah always says that I know everyone, and then I hang out with Graham and realize that he’s the unofficial mayor of wherever he is.  The other thing? Graham has an eye for art.  He’s been doing behind the scenes graphic design stuff for us for years, he’s got his own t-shirt company, and then when we gave him a camera to play around with on a shoot one day- he killed it.  Here’s the thing, Rebekah and I have shot a lot of weddings now- and we’re both convinced that one thing that is essential for anyone that works for us under the Kallima name, is their ability to know how to love people at all times.  We are with the bride and groom all day at a wedding, and sometimes we are the only person in the room during tough moments, and I have always known that Graham could navigate those situations with excellence.  So, he’s an amazing person- and it shows in his photographs.  He’s good, he’ll make Kallima better, and I’m honored to call him my brother.   


Some of Graham’s work:


  • March 27, 2014 - 9:13 pm

    Lauren @ Every Last Detail - This is awesome guys!!! Congrats and best wishes to you in your continued success! :)

  • March 28, 2014 - 1:14 pm

    ben - Thanks Lauren!

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