Lots has happened in the almost three years since I photographed my dear friends scott & katie’s wedding. but the most exciting thing, is that katie’s sister sarah has become engaged and ben and I are so blessed to be shooting her wedding, also. we cant wait for may! if you have been following me for a while, you may remember scott and katie’s wedding…and katie and sarah! (beautiful sisters!)

well, now its your turn to officially meet sarah and her fiance, jeff. when we met up for their engagement shoot in tallahassee, it was a frigid 40 degrees outside and yes, 8am. (yes! they were in short sleeves at one point! oh the dedication.) but let me tell you, by the time we got to the field we spent most of our time in, you’d never know it was like an icebox out…they warmed up my camera…no, straight up fogged up my lenses with their love. smack your mama and call me corny, but its true. some of the images you see below are now my favorites to date, simply because they exude love. and come may 2011, i’ll be able to say that I shot sisters weddings. so awesome!

first things first.

any couple who saves for 2 years to have us as their wedding photographers, when they’re still dating…these, are our kind of clients. our favorite kind.

especially when they started saving at 16 years old.

Yep, these two are 18 and 19…freshmen in college…in love up to their eyeballs…genuine as can be. when they let me in on the “we’ve been saving our own money for two years for you guys” story, I cried. yea. maybe not in front of them, but when I got into the car and drove away.

We themed this shoot around a simple concept: togetherness. her grandmothers skirt and boxes of letters and trinkets from one another added a touch of history. and the end result is what im in love with…love defies all!

B e s t   o f
F a c e b o o k
I n s t a g r a m