it was a 3-4 month process; getting everything right, perfectly designed and laid out, uploaded…ordered…and working with Studio Z Mendocino out of California was so easy. They were so helpful and really aided us in coming up with our final product…our new business cards. Studio Z does business cards for some really talented people…Ben Chrisman, Fred Egan, and Poser Image to name a few. When Erik Clausen of Poser Image referred them to us, we were immediately hooked.

introducing the new, fabulous business cards for Kallima Photography!


i dont usually write much on posts these days, but theres so much to say here.

everyone should be so lucky to get married barefoot in their backyard. and to have every family member and close friend over to your house first thing in the morning, pitching in and putting together centerpieces and cooking….filling the home with beautiful smells….and laughter….

every couple should love each other with as much raw passion and severity as maggie and zach love each other.

every photographer should be lucky enough to have these two as clients. to have their families take care of you, cry when you arrive out of sheer thankfulness, feed you gourmet cheeses and fruits that they’re serving their own family, and send you away with a basket full of leftover foods, cake, and wine.

every reception should begin with a dave matthews song. particularly, ants marching. and in a perfect world, everyone from grandmothers to teenagers would know all the words and would dance around like crazy because of course, dave matthews band is a perfect band to dance to. and this is just what happened.

and i am so lucky to have my maggie. that girl….she just makes me cry. at one point in the reception i was peeking over her shoulder as she was dj’ing from her macbook…and i saw a song, “here it goes” by jimmy eat world….one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite bands. i say, “hey! i love that song!”. she turns around and says….”its on here for you!”

you see, a few YEARS ago…literally, years…on this blog…i mentioned during a post that i hoped one day, one of my bride and grooms would play that song at their reception. because i would for sure get down to it.

she remembered.

maggie and zach, you and your family and friends were a very real, very true blessing to US on your wedding day.  we’d drive thru the night again, anytime, for you guys. we love you.

i tried to keep this post from going out of control, but i simply gave up. it tells the story. enjoy.



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